Chesterfield American Bulldogs is a family owned and operated kennel, located in Southern Oregon and committed to the continued improvement of the American Bulldog standard. We breed foremost for temperament, health and performance.

We guarantee that all of our breeding stock have been PENNHip/OFA certified and that our breeding stock have tested free of NCL. We believe above all else that temperament is of the utmost importance when looking for a companion. American Bulldogs are a powerful animal, making temperament essential when considering your lifestyle and family members. Along with the general health and temperament of our dogs, all of our adults and puppies are well socialized with humans, as well as with other animals from birth, which is imperative when selecting an American Bulldog. Training and socialization are the key to this breed, especially if you are a first-time Bulldogger.  Our American Bulldogs are all PSA/Schutzhund trained and well on their way to working titles.  All of our AB's have excellent conformation and excel in the show ring in at least 3 registries.

You will find our American Bulldogs to be agile, genetically sound, loyal to a fault and eager to please. Whether you are looking for a solid, drivey working dog; quality, proven show dogs or a loyal, social lifetime companion, we guarantee only sound, quality AB's.

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